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Custom HC and CustomBio are Trademarks of Custom Biologicals, Inc.

Custom Biologicals, Inc. produces bioaugmentation products formulated to degrade petroleum hydrocarbons, dry cleaning fluids, chlorinated solvents, and other hazardous environmental contaminants in both soil and water applications. 

Bioremediation is the process of using bacteria, fungi, or other organisms to degrade pollutants and return the environment altered by contaminants to its original condition.  BioAugmentation is bioremediation with the application of laboratory grown organisms to increase pollutant degradation, reduce cleanup time, and reduce costs of nutrients, machines, and manpower.  (more info)

Custom HC is a highly concentrated blend of bacteria, scientifically chosen for their ability to degrade a wide variety of petroleum hydrocarbons, including crude oil, fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, BTEX, and others.

CustomBio has the production capability to offer both bacteria based, and fungus based products in a variety of packaging options including Technical Concentrates, Concentrates, Slow Release Tablets,  Ready-to-Use (RTU), and Small Spill Kits.

Custom HC™ degrades a variety of hydrocarbons including:

  1. Gasoline •  Diesel Fuel •  Heating Oil •  Motor Oil

  2. MTMB

•  BTEX •  Benzene •  Toluene •  Xylene

•  Ethyl benzene •  TPH •  Cutting Oil •  Acetone

•  Glycols •  Napthalene •  Solvents •  Kerosene

•  Anti-Freeze •  Crude Oil •  Trichlorethylene •  Grease

•  Aromatics •  Pesticides •  Herbicides •  Many Others!